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Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Stage DTG ETA
Eugene (ID: LA4248) UAL6223 YPPH EGLL PMDG 777-300ER Unite... In-flight 6277.8nm 12:29
Mihalis (ID: HEQ013) HEQ013 LGTS RJAA AirbusA350 Air Franc... In-flight 3285.2nm 06:34
lawrence (ID: LA1029) LA1033 KLAX PANC Airbus A320 Neo Asob... In-flight 50.4nm 00:07
Paulo (ID: JTD1032) JTD1032 SVMI SBCF PMDG 737-800 Gol Lin... In-flight 190.5nm 00:25
AndaƧ (ID: ANK079) ANK1085 RKSI PANC PMDG 777-300ER Korea... In-flight 2011.2nm 04:08
Roy (ID: MCA001) MC15302 TIST KBNA Airbus A319 Music Ci... In-flight 887.9nm 02:04
Leo (ID: JTD1087) JTD1087 AYPY NWWW PMDG 737-700 Air New... In-flight 762nm 01:33
Alex (ID: GUP258) GUP5445 SVMI LEIB Bombardier Global 60... In-flight 4418.7nm 10:04
Victor (ID: HCB010) HCB1986 SBMQ SBBV PMDG 737-800 HCB In-flight 198.5nm 00:25
Marco (ID: EIN001) EIN886 YPDN VTBS ToLissA321_V1p4 Aer... In-flight 2470.5nm 05:17
Roger (ID: JTD1007) JTD1007 SAWH SBGR PMDG 737-800 JTD (PR... In-flight 2542.7nm 05:34
Jez (ID: VFL0533) THI05 VIDN VNST Aerosoft DHC-6 Serie... In-flight 125.5nm 00:35
Gerard (ID: GTW021) GTW5500 KSTL KAZO Super 80 Northwest -... Disembarking 0nm 00:00
Yunha (ID: XPK093) XPC942 RJSA RJTT ToLissA321_V1p4p1 [I... Disembarking 0nm 00:00
Giannis (ID: HEQ071) HEQ071C LGAV LIRS Fly The Maddog X MD-... Descending 61.6nm 00:11
Bruno (ID: MLA2437) MLA2437 SBSV SBRJ Airbus A321 Descending 17.5nm 00:06
Brett (ID: GTW004) GTW7356 KDEN KASE CRJ700ER Gateway Vir... Climbing 153.5nm 00:36
Nelson (ID: PUA269) PUA269 KDCA KSLC PMDG 737-800 United... Climbing 1943.5nm 04:09
Marek (ID: VFL0690) TCA04 MGGT MHTG Flysimware C414AW N5... Boarding 258.4nm 00:00